Robert Burns Early Letter to Agnes McLehose – December 8 1787

Letter to Agnes McLehose, December 8 1787

St James Square No 2

I can say with truth, Madam, that I never met with a person in my life whom I more anxiously wished to meet again than yourself. Tonight I was to have had that very great pleasure – I was intoxicated with the idea – but an unlucky fall from a coach has so bruised one of my knees that I can’t stir my leg off the cushion. So, if I don’t see you again, I shall not rest in my grave for chagrin.

– I was vexed to the soul I had not seen you sooner; I determined to cultivate your friendship with the enthusiasm of Religion; but thus has Fortune ever served me.

– I cannot bear the idea of leaving Edinburgh without seeing you-I know not how to account for it – I am strangely taken with some people; nor am I often mistaken. You are a stranger to me; but I am an odd being: some yet unnamed feelings; things not principles, but better than whims, carry me farther than boasted reason ever did a Philosopher.-

Farewell every happiness be yours!
Robt Burns


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