When I Can’t Make Myself Write…

… I paint.


Stephen King


Hunter S. Thompson


Neil Gaiman


“A man who does not read has no advantage over a man who cannot read.” – Mark Twain

I always wanted to paint. My uncle and hero, Jack Carrigan, was one of the most talented Guitar Players and Painters that I will ever know. His paintings were around the house as I was growing up and I grew accustomed to being in homes that smelled of home cooked meals, leather sheepskin slippers, wood smoke, and books. I equated those things to home and comfort. It never occurred to me that massive oil paintings of Apples in a Bowl were an uncommon sight in most homes.

I couldn’t quite tell you what it was that triggered the need – A Paint Nite event my friends took me to where I went AWOL and painted something completely different than the assigned painting because I thought it was dreadful? Perhaps. Or perhaps it was just latent and waiting. These are only four of over a dozen watercolors I’ve done; a series of different famous authors – from Rowling to Thoreau – all with the constant urge to do more, do more, make more.

So, I thought I would share, given that we are many of us writers, here. Perhaps I’ll share more down the road as they come to me.

Live long and Prosper.


2 thoughts on “When I Can’t Make Myself Write…

  1. These are really good!! I’m focusing more on my painting than my writing at the moment (so much so, that I’m not even blogging about it :P), but it does help to have another creative outlet if you’re giving one a rest (or it’s broken). Very nice work!

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