Daily Words – A SONG FOR THE SEA (5/6/2014)

Daily Words – A SONG FOR THE SEA

“What’d they say about getting back on the boat, huh? How long til then?”
He frowned, pursing his lips as he exhaled. “A few months.”
“And bull shit. It’s all a fucking scam, you know. Making money, that’s what these fuckers are about. They see I’ve got insurance and they’re chompin at the bit to sign me up for some million dollar operation. You think they give a flying fuck about me?”
“Good morning, sunshine.”
The sarcastic voice went right through Lester. It took less than five minutes for him to know full well he’d rather chew his own nuts off than spend time with Amanda, his blond nurse. She was slight of frame, a good height, had nice pale skin and a reasonably juicy ass, but my god when she opened her mouth, she was about as sexually attractive to Lester as Winston fucking Churchill.”




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