Author Portraits are an Interesting Prospect


I haven’t the slightest idea what is happening right now with my writing. I’m doing a final revision of A SONG FOR THE SEA before tucking it in a drawer for at least a month. I’m giving the absolute final revisions to THE OFFERING and CATCH MY FALL in the next couple weeks, and above all, the biggest news is the beginning of THE WHITE DOE, the sequel to THE OFFERING, and the second novel in THE BOOK OF CLANS – a series of six novels.

I’m contemplating working on THE GUARDIAN OF LOST KINGS at the same time. In the midst of this overwhelming amalgam of notions, I’m also contemplating moving to a cabin in the woods with no electricity, shaving my head, wearing a snuggy burka, and talking to gold fish.

So in the hopes of quelling my brains uppity nature at present, I took a break to consider something simple – the Author portrait. Might not be the one that ends up in the back of the book, but I do like it, nonetheless.

Happy Friday! And have a grand weekend fellow word lovers!


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