“Finished is a Relative Term”

– Quote taken from tome producer, Diana Gabaldon


As of April 19th, 2014, I have officially written three novels.

A SONG FOR THE SEA by Caitlin Carrigan is complete.

Three novels. I’ve written THREE (Of the 59 or so that I have waiting patiently in my head) whole books. Trudged through the muck and mire, made the work a priority and slugged out the word count to get the story on the page. I even busted through the ‘Dark time of the soul’ right before completion, only to have my laptop die on the day I intended to finish, leaving me up shit’s creek until I bought a new laptop and was able to get back to work, only to have the ‘Dark time of the soul’ kick back in again due to the hiatus. What a pain in the ass that was?

Now, despite having written what I believed to be the last words of the novel, I’m already aware of finetuning and rewriting that needs to be done, including a potential Epilogue. I imagine my readers would appreciate knowing how the happily ever after unfolds.

So rather than dwell on that helpless sense of “I’m a Hack!”-ery, I will praise these fine facts –

I wrote my third novel in under a year. My first novel took two years, the second a year and a half. My third, less than a year. At this rate, I’m culling down on the procrastination and slacking enough to start pulling Stephen King maneuvers, here!

My word count is less than 110,000 out of the gate. This is spectacular, given that I am coming in 30,000 words less than my shorter previous novel (Which I cut an additional 20,000 words from). Not that there is anything wrong with long novels, but for an author just starting out, it is advised to keep it lower out of the gate.

My “Dark Time of the Soul” only took a day or two this time around. The previous two novels it lasted for weeks, if not months – a strange emotional upheaval, as though the heart is revolting against finishing the book by any means necessary.


So now, I’m taking a few days off before starting in on THE WHITE DOE, the second novel in THE BOOK OF CLANS series, and sequel to THE OFFERING.


Wow… I write books. Holy shit, eh? So to celebrate, here is the song that inspired the image that became my third novel. Yes, they are getting massive mention in my Acknowledgements. 🙂



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