The Offering by Caitlin Carrigan


I’m giddy at the sight of them.

This is the second box of books to arrive upon my doorstep. The first were the galleys for Catch My Fall – my second novel, but the first I plan to publish. Here we are again, and The Offering brings no less glee to my day.

Yet, despite having fully edited and finished two novels now, I do not plan to publish both, immediately. Catch My Fall is slated for release by the end of June, if all goes to plan. Still, I am a perfectionist, and perhaps I want one more perusal before I go live.

I have decided to aim for a six months delay in the publication of my second novel. Yes, they are both done, and yes they are ready to be out in the world, but I feel inclined to hold back the second for the time being. At the earliest, I’m considering a Halloween release, given the subject matter, I thought it might be the perfect mood for such a novel’s release.

The Offering’s cover is closer to complete than Catch My Fall, but still – it’s interior needs finetuning. This is the fine art of publishing, I am discovering.

Still, I have three copies of my second novel on my desk, and they look gorgeous. There is nothing in this world to light a fire under your ass like seeing an actual physical copy of your own story. I wish this shit on everyone.

What are your thoughts, guys? How long should I wait to publish my second novel, and consecutive novels, thereafter, for that matter? How would you go at it?

Off to consider the final touches of both books. And to fondle my novels.



2 thoughts on “The Offering by Caitlin Carrigan

  1. The book looks lovely. It feels pretty great huh? I think spacing out the releases makes great sense!

  2. Yeah, I agree on the waiting a bit thing. Give people a little time to discover and read your first book, do some promotion, etc. I can only imagine that’s easier to do for one book than two at once. Your message will be clearer and more focused that way and once they’ve been wowed by the first, you can hit them with round two, keep youself in their minds longer while you finish the next one and really hook them.

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