Planning Miracles

“If we try to plan our own miracles, then we limit their magic. There is a constant dance of events taking place, just in every patch of soil, let alone in every town, city, country. Of all the tiny fragments moving in time, how many of them are leading to some grand interaction with you? You don’t know, and that is ok. Let yourself acknowledge that your knowledge of the universe is limited. Your knowledge of what could be happening RIGHT NOW on your behalf, somewhere on the other side of the world for all you know, is so unbelievably limited that if you had even an inkling, it would drive you mad. Let go. There is magic at work, and it knows the easiest way. Let it do its work and allow yourself to be amazed, instead.”

-Excerpted from Manifesting Simple Minds at Sleep Before Waking


3 thoughts on “Planning Miracles

  1. The woman I am married to is just one example of how, in my life, there was a miracle in progress 46 years ago that I was completely unaware of — and that has made my life better than I imagined possible…

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