What do they call…?

The word escapes me.

When a publishing house sends out novels they are GOING to be publishing, what is that called. Other famous authors get copies of the bad boys, read them (or don’t), then write little blurbs to later be added to the covers for fun and frolic.

What are those early printings called?

I don’t know… all I DO know is that I am currently in the process of finalizing my cover art for my first novel and in the time it is going to take to finish that work, I’ve created an ‘pre-publication’ copy of my novel to have printed and then peruse for any definite issues or flaws that I want to rework, or complain about.

Despite my not caring particularly what the early cover would look like, given that it will be a print run of, literally, two copies, it still needed to be somewhat respectable. Somewhere in the world, someone will end up with one of these two bad boys on their bookshelf, and it might NOT be just me.

So here’s my early copy for the cover. Already found a typo on the god damn thing. Thanks, spaz hands. To be fixed in the AM, when  they approve the project. Yeehaw!

Shit’s getting real, ladies and gentlemen. Shit is getting real.



3 thoughts on “What do they call…?

  1. Great cover desig. The colors are really eye catching without being a distraction. Terrific author photo, too 😉 I think the word you’re looking for is “Galley.” Those are pre-published copies of a book sent to folks. Again — Nice work!

  2. Hmm…ARCs? As in Advanced Reading Copies? Haha hope this helps. I experience a—oh great well now I just had to google the word for when you can’t think of a word. Whatever. You get it. Congrats on nearing publication!

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