Where to now?

alexander-skarsgard2I recognize that there isn’t any REAL necessity to posting a picture of Alexander Skarsgard, but really – do you blame me for wanting to look at his gorgeous face. Och, and that smile.

Give me an hour – wait, no – seventeen hours, I’ll change that Swedish bastard’s life.

I’m just saying.

Anyway, so the reason for his face gracing the screen (other than exercising my rights as a lustful vixen) is because deep in my Psyche, his name is Stellan.

And herein lies the true conundrum I am battling with.

To self publish, or not to self publish.

Stellan is the main male character in my second novel Catch My Fall, and a channeled creature that seems to have been riding along in my mind for my entire life (his previous incarnation, in my first novel, was named Dervish). He is always different, always fully realized before I realize he’s even coming into the tale, and he always steals my heart, but his spirit, his essence is always the same. In the second book, this was what he looked like, because by golly, I want this handsome bastard to play him when it is made into a movie.

I say when, because I have no doubt in my fate. Never have.

So, here I am, cuddling up with a finished novel I have now edited, fine tuned, revised, and re-edited – even allowed someone to read it – and in doing so, realized I am ready to put it out there.

Here’s where my resources come into play – I am lucky enough to have a best-selling author as a friend. I am also lucky enough to have been offered aide by said writer friend.

Drawback to that is that best-selling authors often don’t have a lot of time. So, the question is, do I rely on the chance that he will ‘get to it’ or do I go balls to the wall and design my own cover, bless my work with all the mojo I’ve got, and go with the higher percentage of royalties in the world of Self Publishing.

I even have a publishers account on Kindle. I’m ready to go.

So what’s holding me back?

50 Shades of Grey and Wool are the most prominent examples of what is NOT holding me back. What IS holding me back is the intoxicating smell of paper, of book stores, of dog eared pages and beach sand along the spine of a well worn book.

Here are the details I know –

Self Publishing

– Responsible for own marketing

– Design your own cover

– instant gratification

– responsible for own editing, revising, fine tuning, and formatting for Kindle publication

– Either 35% or 70% royalties of all sales (think pricing of .99 all the way up to whatever, but really, I’m thinking like 2.99/3.99)

Publishing House

– delay of publication for over a year

– advance

– paper object one can hold and enjoy

– 8% royalties for first time author, then more as sales build. This is a percentage of full book price 5.99 – 24.99 or what have you)

– marketing, editing, cover design, leg work done for you

– dog eared pages and paper love

Now, in the the end, Wool and 50 Shades were picked up by publishing houses and put on book store shelves, so the Kindle doesn’t need to limit to publishing options, but to bust out of the gate, it is electronic only. The further appeal is the notion that in selling my novel for an affordable amount, one might venture that many will buy it to have for now, later, or whenever. I’m also planning to offer a chapter or two for free to see if it won’t grab people’s attention (I’m told I’m funny). Still… still!

As I’m writing this, I realize I am just about talking myself into it. I’ve had signs from several different avenues – random people from all over my life, all over the course of three months, suggest I should self publish – and I’m beginning to be swayed.

So I ask you for your thoughts. What would you do and why?

Stay tuned. I might be posting links to my newly published novel sooner than later.


And god damn I want to ravage that bastard!


5 thoughts on “Where to now?

  1. I think–!

    …no clue. I’m struggling with the idea myself, for the same reasons. The bonus is that successful ebooks do become paper-and-ink books, eventually.

    I will say that I don’t think you (or I, for that matter), really need to worry about it as far as our success goes. Arrogant or no, we’re kickass writers, and more importantly, we’re driven. Most people don’t have two novels done prior to publication.

    Still, deciding what route to go–hard. Why not submit to publishers first and collect a few rejections, then decide? I might do that, when I feel I’ve polished Corrine enough.

  2. I don’t understand the question… HELL YEAH, get it out the gate and see if it takes off. If it does, you’ve got more selling power in the future. If not, then send it around to publishing houses and see if they can do better. In the meantime, you’re building a readership in the event you a) get a publishing house that wants to take it to the next level, or b) setting the stage for future readership with your next book. Starting right here…

      • As long as you retain the rights to your work, you can definitely do that. There are lost of examples of authors who published their book “softly” at first, then went with a larger publishing house later when the house saw there was a grass-roots interest. Ever heard of a guy named John Grisham..;) If it becomes a Kindle sensation, they probably won’t touch it. But if that’s the case, you don’t need them to!

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