I Know This Man


I don’t know Nathaniel himself, but i wouldn’t mistake that glorious mustache anywhere!

Seriously though, I’m tempted to SEND him this picture and say, Dude. You time travel? Teach me, master.

Hawthorne was an odd dude. I know little outside of what I learned as a tour guide in Concord, Massachusetts (Town of authors, as they call themselves.)

Hawthorne was jaded, morbid, and kept to himself. He changed his name because his Grandfather put innocent people to death in Salem, he respected Emerson immensely, but wouldn’t go to his house for fear of being surrounded by idiot fanboys, and when a local woman was believed to have taken her life in the river, he joined the hunt with fervor, then the poor bastard was the one to find her body and be scarred by it.

Other than that, I hope he was cool… Cause seriously, I know him.


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