There’s a Tale Somewhere in Here

This song inspires a good deal of my Crunchy nature to unfurl and dance in the crisp winter air, but it also inspires my needs to curl into myself and pour forth words. Some songs just make words come, and often times I don’t know what they mean until I write them.

“Come forward wayward thing, and be claimed.”

After I wrote it, I knew its meaning. Where the hell did it come from?

Thank you muse. You are a generous, if not mysterious, thing.

As Andre Dubus III said many times, in class, whilst quoting someone else and doing so WITH their name, which now escapes my mind –

“How do I know what I have to say until I say it?”


3 thoughts on “There’s a Tale Somewhere in Here

  1. Music is definitely an extension of my muse. I actually listen to AC/DC when I write my column each week. Sadly, I didn’t really start listening to them until about a year ago. Alas, so much wasted time… 😉

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