Writing Polygamy

Any thoughts on that concept?

And by polygamy, I refer to many wives. And by many wives I mean many novels. What would happen if I decided to keep my options open during the writing process, start whatever novel comes to the page that day, and then let the gauntlet begin, and write whichever story demands attention the most that day?

polygamy-1Could I continue in that vein until the works were done, or would I simply keep starting anew and working on middles until I had a dozen half finished projects and no verve for working on any of them?

I wonder if there are any successful authors out there who have succeeded in such an approach. I know Andre Dubus III vows by monogamy – marry the one book until it is done. To be fair, that approach got me through my first two novels, even when I was called to write something new.

So, can I succeed at creation when I’m creating more than one story? Can I be pregnant with twins, or triplets, as a writer?

What are your thoughts? Any anecdotal evidence of it working for some Pulitzer prize winner, or am I starting a chaotic undertaking that will one day make me legend?

I say no matter what I do, I end up legend. I’m bat shit insane, have you met me? Legend.

Alright, love you. Kisses!


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