I Met This Dude


No really.

I did.

And I did it with the power of my mind!

Why don’t you believe me? I really did. It was the day of his Chancellor’s Series Speaking Event at my Alma Mater (if you can call it that… and if that is how you spell that) UMASS Lowell, and despite his being pretty well herded along from place to place, I told my friend that I felt we needed to ‘go for a walk’ after the event was over and the crowds were filtering home.

I met him on our walk around the arena, gave him a letter I’d written him for WHEN I MET HIM! (See, I always knew. Can’t stop me from getting what I want, just succumb or get out of the way. Succumbing is more pleasant, cause then you get to be involved.) In the letter I told him “Thank you for being my nemesis. I plan to one day outsell you. Oh, and your book inspired the shit out of me. I’m still not reading the fucking Stand, though.”

So yeah, good times.


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