Writing a Back Cover

Not to get sidetracked, but Synopsis writing is a Biyatch!

But to the matter at hand. I think I have come up with my back cover blurb. If I’m correct, that’s usually someone else’s job to write, but incidentally, I think I may have created it in writing my Synopsis.

Please, tell me what you think. Yes it is vague as all balls, but isn’t that the point? Wet the appetite, not sate it.


The Offering


Caitlin Carrigan

Northern England, years after the Black Death ravaged the land. The village of Forten Hill is known in the region for the sacrifice of its people when the plague came to their village and instead of panic, they closed their doors and quarantined themselves to save the many. The neighboring villages join in offering part of their harvests to the people now dying within the walls of Forten Hill, leaving their offerings on a distant stone where the sick could come to claim them.

Mara Sutton, a woman of her late twenties, has spent her life within the confines of St. Anthony’s commune – a cluster of nuns whose sole purpose is to work the fields and deliver a harvest to the Offering Hill. Her age makes marriage unlikely, but she refuses to take the cloth. She longs for more, enough to have drawn her from the walls of St. Anthony’s in secret, a fond memory she’s carried since childhood. When curiosity draws her to The Offering Hill again as a woman, Mara barely survives. The attack leads to the discovery that though Forten Hill suffers, it is not the plague that ails them.


2 thoughts on “Writing a Back Cover

  1. This is really good 🙂 But to be honest, I think it tells too much. For the first paragraph, I would suggest leaving the first sentence as it is but following it with something shorter e.g. “Once Forten Hill closed its gates to save itself. Now, their only chance for survival may be to open them”. This conveys the same thing buut a little shorter.
    Thes second paragraph also needs to be more succinct, I think. Maybe something along the lines of, “Mara Sutton, trapped within the confines of St Anthony’s, longs for more.(Then insert sentence about age and taking the cloth) But when a long ago memory tempts her from the safety of the commune walls, what Mara discovers changes everything.” I think if you give away the twist about the plague not being the casue of the promblems then the impact on the reader when this is discovered will not be as great.
    I hope this is hepful to you and I apologise if this comes across all telling-you-what-to-do’y. Best of lcuk with publishing. 🙂

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