Resolution #9

Alright, resolutions are for sissies, so to be clear, this isn’t really a resolution – it’s a re-dedication, if you will. A renewing of vows.

I hereby proclaim that I will hit the pub twice a week, writing several hours when I’m there, eating Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese, by proxy, and finally get crackalacking on this, my THIRD novel.

Holy shit, I’m on my third novel.


Anyway, I’ve been blowing it off since August, when I finished Catch My Fall. Now having edited it, discovered that my first novel is going to be a far bigger job to edit, and writing the first two sentences of my next just so I can say I am “in the middle” of a project, I’ve decided I’m doing more ‘excusing’ than ‘editing.’ As Stephen King says, write in the morning, edit the previous work at night.

I have no excuse.

Damn it, I’m scared though. Despite having now done it twice, the thought of writing a whole novel, a novel in which I don’t quite know everything that happens, is daunting, overwhelming, no less huge than it seemed the first time I started. Holy balls.

Whatever! No excuses. Let’s get this shit done.


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