Free Writing – 2/11/11

Assignment – Picture of a Glass house

Describe the person who lives here.

Her gray hair, shorn short, close to the ears, is too cropped to frame her face so much as crown it like a queen. Her clothes, habitually flowing and loose about her body, hang like the shawl of some eccentric English Professor teaching in some forward thinking University in the boonies of Vermont. She has two grown children, a son and daughter who both, despite their own liberal leanings, still have trouble wrapping their mind around their mother’s decision to convert human waste to fuel her life style. “My carbon footprint is so minuscule, it’s practically negating yours as well,” she’d say as her daughter packed up her children into her hybrid SUV to head home. If Sylvia could have her way, they’d all be riding bikes.

Now to clarify, the habitual garb of a crunchy English Professor isn’t by chance, she IS a crunchy English Professor, teaching everything from the bible to Cat’s Cradle all in the same semester, and smells of fresh herbs and hand soap from the south of France. She built this very house, or more aptly, her carpenter husband did after retiring from a degree in Science to enjoy a simple life in the woods, where he used his skills and education to perfect that very method of converting human waste into fuel. Kevin, their oldest child, was once heard to say when he chose a career in Marketing as opposed to Social Science, “I know, I must be such a huge disappointment Mom, given that I don’t want to spend my life shitting in an outhouse.”


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