Free Writing – 5/1/11

Assignment – Look at picture of a dilapidated cabin in the woods by a stream

Try to write by images only.

Slow weathered boards faded past the ability to support weight or hold heat. The eerie patterns of faces in the planks, seemingly random knots and watermarks invoking ancient tree spirits to glare forebodingly from the wood someone once promised to care for when the tree was cut from its roots.

Inside, the smell of freshly fried corn fritters, steaming as they are torn open by expert hands as knotted as the wood of the walls, slathered with butter and maple syrup, ready to be devoured by any hungry visitors. The butter softens on contact, liquefying and seeping into the soft flesh of the fritter, leaving it heavy and rich. The cake like center absorbs the savory drink, its excess ready to flow down the chin of any visitor who were to bite too gratuitously or too soon. Perhaps today, someone would come.

Water has washed away the earth from beneath the eastern corner of the foundation and ducks come by the dozens to frolic in the flowing waters. By day’s end, she will feed the leftover fritters to those ducks with a toothy grin and a soft melodic tone, joyous in communing with the creatures that come to celebrate the very waters that will one day take her home.

Resulting Story Idea – Woman stays on property despite local efforts to remove her due to a nearby river being dammed to create a recreational lake. Her property will be underwater within a few weeks. When they dam the river… something far different happens.


Edit: Yes, I did write damned instead of dammed. It made me laugh. Gives a whole different connotation to what is happening to that damn river!


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