The Nonsense I Find in My Notebooks

I love finding old tomes of nonsense I created in bygone days.

Having taken as many writing classes as I have over the years, I’ve found some of the craziest pieces of literary shenanigans in my old note books and composition books. It’s like finding an old note you wrote to your best friend in sixth grade and discovering what a hilarious sixth grader you were. Or you find the nonsense you were dwelling on or troubled by and feel this cringe of shame or sigh of relief that you’re no longer in that space. Having taken classes with Andre Dubus III, there aren’t just nuggets of my own stream of consciousness, there’s enough quotes to fill a self help book.

I’ve decided to share some of these wunderkinds with the world, so I can recycle the actual paper. I’ll be sharing them in the form of Free Writing Blogs as I discover them – Notebook Nonsense! Some are inspiring me to explore further, some are just plain silly, some are utter comedy gold, but nonetheless, I’m subjecting you to them. Delicious.

To earn your forgiveness, I’ll share some of the quotes Andre spewed at us. Love them as I do! It is your fate!

“A writer’s job is not to write about character, but with character.”

-(not sure)

“Every writer needs a built in, shock proof bull shit detector.”


“If your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.”

-(not sure)

“Details are for the writer only; they are the instruments by which we steer.”

-Ron Carlson

“Try to be one on whom nothing is lost.”

-Henry James

“How do I know what I think until I say it?”

-E.M. Forster

“Anything written to please the author is worthless.”

-Blaise Pasquall

“If you don’t write your stories, no one will.”

-Caitlin Carrigan (yeah… that one got me, and I’d written it myself.)

“Ben chook savyurum sene!” (“I love you very much” in Turkish.)


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