Free Writing – 4/20/11

Assignment: Describe a place with just images. Nothing more.

The Place I Chose – My Great Aunt Doris’ House on Cape Split

Salada tea. I’ve always loved that name. Gives such joke opportunity to even the driest of souls. “That’s Salada tea.”

Salada tea steeping over a stove where mussels steam with their earthy fog of fish beside a ham bone laden pot of split pea soup. The hard wood of the floor and walls, moist with sea spray only to be dried out by the roaring wood stove, under which a tired and deaf dog is sleeping. The tattered pages of old books on bookshelves; Poems of Longfellow, guides to local ducks with dried, forgotten pressed flowers between their pages, all ripe with what libraries know best. Low tide, the sun cooking bubbled seawead along the slippery rocks where those cooking mussels once clung, where I tore the bare soles of my feet on Barnacles and bled into the tide pools as I fought to claim them with my small hands.


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